CourtCare are squash fanatics! Regularly seen treading the boards of courts across the nation we know how hard it is to keep our sport going, so we enthusiastically support several clubs up and down the country. We proudly sponsor the North West Counties Squash Leagues, Cheshire Junior squash and have recently been the title sponsor of the CourtCare Open an exciting new WSA event run by world number 2 – Laura Massaro. We also sponsor Laura personally assisting with the very expensive costs of being a world travelling squash superstar!

CourtCare Open 2013

28 Feb-03 March, Chorley UK $10,000

Beddoes takes inaugural CourtCare Open title

After the semi-finals the crowd were packed in again at David Lloyd to see how Emma Beddoes and Victoria List would play after having tough five-setters yesterday.

It was Beddoes who made the better start. Looking to be moving well and hitting her targets. She took off to a 5-2 lead then hit a lucky back wall nick and received a stroke to pull away to 7-2.

A long rally followed and Beddoes hit an error for Lust to get back to 3-7. But she re-grouped and pulled away again closing out the game 11-4 on a Lust boast that went in the tin.

The start of the second was similar. Beddoes pulled out to a 3-0 lead before being pegged back to 3-3. It was Lust’s turn to get a few points in a row going out to 8-5. Lust hit an error for Beddoes to get back to 6-8 and then they traded rallies until 8-8.

A few long rallies followed with both girls waiting for the right opportunity to attack. A couple of lets were given in back to back rallies before Beddoes pulled out to 10-8 and closed out the game 11-8 on a great forehand length. Beddoes now 2-0 up and looking good for the title.

The third game saw Lust come out with a little more structure.

Finding the depth in the court a little better and making Emma cover a lot more of the court. The game was tight the whole way through to 7-7 before two errors by Beddoes gave Lust a 9-7 lead.

That was followed by a great length by Lust and Beddoes struggled in the back hand corner for the ball to land just short of the front wall giving Lust 10-7.

Beddoes scrapped a couple of points back with a lucky nick and a trip from Lust before Lust finally converted taking the game 11-9 on a cross court drop into space created from an excellent length.

2-1 to Beddoes but Lust back in it!

Beddoes re-grouped well and came on the court looking good. She started the game well going out to a 6-3 and 8-5 lead. She pulled away to 9-6 and was looking in control again.

A few lets happened before Beddoes claimed her first match ball at 10-6 and she only needed one to take the match and become the first ever CourtCare champion.

Beddoes said afterwards:

Thank you the crowd and the sponsors. It’s been an amazing event and I’d like to Thanks Laura and Chris for putting on a great event.

“It makes a difference having a player run an event as she knows what we want and we have had everything we have needed all week from Laura and Chris.

Thanks to CourtCare for committing to run this event for 5 years and I hope to be back next year”.

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