ASB SquashCourts are the world’s leading brand of panel system squash court, and have installed more than 6,000 courts in over 70 countries in the past 30 years. ASB are world leaders in squash innovation & technology: glass courts for tournaments; movable side walls and glass floors.


Armourcoat is the world’s leading brand of squash court plaster. Containing alpha-grade gypsum, whitening agents and special resins, Armourcoat is smooth, tough and durable Armourcoat cleans back to its original white condition, and can be easily repaired.



Now specialists in lockers & cubicles for the leisure industry with over 30 years experience were the inventors of the first ever glass back wall for squash, installed at Abbeydale Park SRC in 1967. Ellis Pearson glass walls have supplied over 15,000 walls worldwide since, and remain the best and most respected brand in impact safety glass for squash and racketball courts.


Junckers SylvaSquash is the world’s leading brand of squash court flooring, installed in thousands of courts worldwide. Manufactured from solid beech SylvaSquash has a textured surface designed to improve grip and promote safe play.


World Squash Federation

Formed in 1967, the World Squash Federation (WSF) is the international governing body for squash, of which 147 national organisations such as England Squash are members. All of our products are WSF approved.




England Squash & Racketball

England Squash & Racketball (ESR) is the governing body for squash and racketball in England, responsible for the organisation and promotion of both sports. All of our products are approved by ESR.

Boen Sport

A wide range of environmentally-friendly products based on a vast experience in manufacturing hardwood flooring BOEN Bruk AS started manufacturing mosaic and solid wood flooring in 1953, progressing to multi-layer prefinished hardwood flooring in 1966. The knowledge we acquired during those many years, is drawn on today when manufacturing our multi-layered hardwood flooring which comes in a range of thicknesses from 10-23mm.

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